Choices Child
Choices, Child and Adolescent Services
7423 Angler Line
Dover Center, ON
N0P 1L0

Who We Are

Choices, Child and Adolescent Services is a residential and day treatment program that provides assessment, stabilization, and therapeutic interventions for adolescent males with problematic sexual behaviour between the ages of 12 and 18. Treatment is based on the fundamental view that individual success can be achieved through specialized programming that addresses the young person’s developmental needs, cognitive level, and style of learning.

Choices, Child and Adolescent Services has adopted a holistic approach to the treatment of youth with sexually problematic behaviours. We offer a combination of individual, group, and family therapy along with specialized academic programming and skills training.  Our philosophy is that sexual abuse is a symptom of dysfunction in a child or youth’s life.  As a result, the child or youth must develop an understanding of their behaviour patterns, and learn socially acceptable ways of coping, and relating to others.  Our goal is to empower youth to lead non-abusive lives by providing learning experiences that will help them develop healthy attitudes about themselves, their families and their communities.

Choices, Child and Adolescent Services adheres to the regulations of the Child and Family Services Act of the province of Ontario and is licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  Our program is highly monitored and staff secure. Our treatment model provides for community safety in a homelike environment.

Funding for a placement at Choices, Child and Adolescent Services must be secured through the Ministry of Youth Justice, Children’s Aid Societies or other Social Service agencies or resources.

For more information about eligibility and referral to our programs and services, see the Referrals page. For a printable Program Overview click here.

Choices, Child and Adolescent Services accepts placements from across Ontario.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide specialized treatment to children and youth, and to assist their families, to build on strengths, skills and capabilities that will improve their quality of life and facilitate future mental health and responsible independence. Treatment interventions will address the sexual, the abusive, and developmental characteristics of individual clients in order to identify both risks and assets, decrease deficits and deviance, and increase health.

The values that will help us to achieve our mission include:

  • Believing in, and respecting the uniqueness, dignity and inherent worth of every individual.
  • Committing to evidence based approaches and professional growth.
  • Respecting the role of the family in the lives of children and youth
  • Providing specialized, interdisciplinary treatment that is individualized and holistic
  • Striving for excellence through innovation, flexibility, reflection and continuous improvement.